Camera360 Ultimate Photo Editor

Camera360 Ultimate online photo editor for PC – Dowload free for Windows 7/8/10, Android, iOS and Mac

camera360 ultimateWhat makes camera360 the ultimate photo alteration application? Well Camera360 ultimate gives you a new perspective regarding photography and editing and best of all it keeps it in the know when it comes to options and features you are accustomed to. First of all Camera360 Ultimate is the first choice for over 400 million people around the world.

This app is used in 75 countries including the Us, Brazil, Spain, Korea, Russia, Singapore, Malaysia, China, India and Germany. It is simply powerful and it is free to use. Ever wanted to be a professional photographer and have the tools to bring perfection to every image you create? Well look no further Camera360 Ultimate is the application for you!

Let?s start with the features shall we? Camera360 Online Ultimate has over 200 exclusive and free filters such as ? tilt-shift, overlay, different textures etc. Over 10 camera modes like ?poster camera?, ?Funny camera?, Effect Camera?, ?Tilt-shift camera?, ?Effect camera?, ?Selfie Camera? and more! Here you have a free cloud album, instant photo transfer (no charge per photo taken), Intelligent facial recognition, options for skin smoothing and face thinning features. Share all your creations on Instagram, Facebook and twitter as well.

With Camera360 Ultimate you have a free store where you can download different features, effects and styles you can apply on your images, classification of images is done by date so you can always be in touch with your smartphone?s gallery. To put it simply ? this app has it all and its absolutely free!

Another Photo editor that you may want to try out is Polarr online but we have a ton of information about Instamag as it is the superior photo editor!

Polarr Photo Editor Online for PC

Polarr online photo editor for PC – Download free for Windows 7/8/10, Mac, Android and iOS

polarr appPolarr Photo is one of the many photo editors out there. But let us think real. There is no shortage of online photo editors. Polarr photo is one of them. It recently launched as a beta test and is mainly targeting photographer enthusiasts for its upcoming service. Polarr photo gives you a high level editing tools and stands on top of the photo editing. This app has an intelligent processing engine.

It has the capability to learn your style and taste. This is so it can render a high resolution edits for your photos. Developers claim that they target more developed photographers allowing them to experience this app to the fullest. It is not only a hobby. For some people is more than that and Polarr Photo provides you with the necessary tools to edit your pictures and create art ? just like a professional.

Let us talk for a bit about the editing features Polarr photo provides you with. Like most apps out on the markets out there it gives you adjustment tools. With those you can manipulate the color temperature, the exposure, contrast, highlights, shadows, clarity, HSL channels, curves, distortions, vignette and more. You also have local adjustments, watermarks and of course ? signatures. Try it out now and find for yourself how this app ticks.

Another Photo Editor that you may want to try out is Instamag or PicCam.

PicCam App Online Photo Editor

PicCam app online for PC – Download free for Windows 7/8/10, Mac, Android and iOS

piccam appPicCam is a free app but only for a very limited time still. PicCam is yet another image editing application that helps you frame, shape and create amazingly looking pics you can share on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. It has a simple design and yet it is flexible so you can make your photos simply amazing without much effort and fun at the same time.

PicCam features over 50 stunning fonts so you can make your photos more challenging and amazingly looking, you can easily resize your picture, rotate it adjust the opacity of the text or simply delete it with this app?s user friendly software, over 120 colors, textures and patterns for you to choose from when you apply your text on the picture, and if you don?t like what you?ve created ? you can simply delete it holding the delete button ? simple as that.

PicCam has other features as well. Those include ? lots of cool photo effects like ? vintage, grunge, scratch, space, light, vignette and more! You can choose from a collection of shapes, overlays, frames, textures and more to add an extra touch to your photos. You want to decorate your photos even more? PicCam offers you a variety of awesome stickers for that very purpose. You can adjust the brightness, contrast, saturation and the sharpness of your pictures with ease. Don?t want and try PicCam now!

As cool as PicCam seems to be, the next editor in line on our website is Tadaa Camera, but dont miss the opportunity to learn more about the Magazine Collages that you make with Instamag!

Tadaa Camera Online for PC

Tadaa Camera online for PC – Download for Windows 7/8/10, Android and iOS

tadaa cameraTadaa Camera is used by lots of photographers around the world. Tadaa camera is a photo editor with over 100 filters. You can preview all of them of course! And with more than a dozen professional editing tools you can take your photos and make them look like they were taken by a professional photographer. You can customize Tadaa camera to your liking. Get rid of tools and filters you don?t like and need and receive new ones from Tadaa camera store and have fun with the new stuff you recently added.

This app is frequently being updated although it is quite new, however as smartphones? cameras are rapidly approaching the capabilities of high quality photography cameras, and using this app helps you reach your goals of achieving greatness in your pictures. As you can see the name of this app implies that it?s simple and it allows you manual camera control. This can be achieved by using the simple sliders Tadaa camera provides you with.

When you snap your photo this application transports it to the editing menu that you can use. This camera has a smart edge detection. With that you can mask areas of your photo to apply the desired effects and you can create a depth of field in the controlled manner I pointed up earlier. So why not? Try it out and decide for yourself!

If you are that into photo editing, I recommend that you learn how to create Photo collages with Instamag right here!

Bokeh Photo Editor Online for PC

Bokeh photo editor online for PC – Download free Windows 7/8/10, Android and iOS

bokeh photo editorBokeh photo editor gives you the opportunity to create amazingly good looking photos with only a few simple swipes. Bokeh photo editor is cool and easy to use. Photos can be full of exciting and unusual experience and can have a huge message. With Bokeh photo editor you can find loads of fantastic effects you can add to your photos changing them drastically. So yeah if you are looking for an app that can help you create the coolest photos this is the one for you. With this photo editor you can find different styles and shapes, also lots of effects that include ? swirl, fireworks, ring and many more. Decorating your photos hasn?t been easier with Bokeh photo editor. To put it simply this app consists of over 200 effects! It is also pretty easy to use.

You can delete effects you?ve misplaced with only a tap on the screen. You can change the brightness with ease. You can rotate or zoom the picture with just using both your thumbs. Bokeh photo editor has sharing options. You can share all your works of art to social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, twitter or your E-mail. Bokeh photo editor is also constantly being updated so you can expect bug fixes and more features to come!