Instamag Online

Instamag Online for PC – Windows XP/7/8, Android and iOS

Instamag OnlineInstamag online is from the type of photo editors that do it right and do it well. The primary feature of this application is that it makes photos look like covers of magazines. Wanna look like the richest man or woman in the world? Done. Wanna look like the sexiest man or woman in the world? Done. There are magazine covers for basicly any topic that can come to your mind.

Instamag online can create a magazine cover for you without you having to do anything big in your life to get noticed by the big magazines.

With Instamag Photo Collage online you can also create what is called a “Music book” . When you click on “Music Book” you must first choose one of the many available music books in Instamag Online and download it. Then start adding photos to the book and in the end select an audio file that will be played while you are listing the photos that you have already added.

Another feature is “Modern” it allows you to add up to 12 photos in a single frame and it will order them in a way that every next photo is smaller than the previous. All in a big rectangle, it looks little like the Fibonacci spiral. One of the rectangles will contain a message of your choice. You can also select the color of the rectangle. Instamag online offers us many different ways to do crazy things and its really awesome.

There is also a Library in Instamag online containing so many different magazine covers that probably you and I have never heard of.

Something to note about Instamag App online is that it is obviously connected to Instabeauty and Fotorus. These are also photo editing applications but they do different things from Instamag online.