Polarr Photo Editor Online for PC

Polarr online photo editor for PC – Download free for Windows 7/8/10, Mac, Android and iOS

polarr appPolarr Photo is one of the many photo editors out there. But let us think real. There is no shortage of online photo editors. Polarr photo is one of them. It recently launched as a beta test and is mainly targeting photographer enthusiasts for its upcoming service. Polarr photo gives you a high level editing tools and stands on top of the photo editing. This app has an intelligent processing engine.

It has the capability to learn your style and taste. This is so it can render a high resolution edits for your photos. Developers claim that they target more developed photographers allowing them to experience this app to the fullest. It is not only a hobby. For some people is more than that and Polarr Photo provides you with the necessary tools to edit your pictures and create art ? just like a professional.

Let us talk for a bit about the editing features Polarr photo provides you with. Like most apps out on the markets out there it gives you adjustment tools. With those you can manipulate the color temperature, the exposure, contrast, highlights, shadows, clarity, HSL channels, curves, distortions, vignette and more. You also have local adjustments, watermarks and of course ? signatures. Try it out now and find for yourself how this app ticks.

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